About Us

About US

Sri Bhairavanilayam is a non-profit, spritual and humanitarian organization founded in 2013 by spiritual guru(teacher) - Thavathiru. Bhairava Swamigal.


Bhairava Nilayam is Formed by Thavathiru Bhairava Swamigal to increase the well being of all and to consider higher possibility of most sacred vibrant destination. It addresses all aspects of human well being from his powerful Poojas , Events & Festivals. For all those who seek to live life intensely and for those who aspire for spiritual wellbeing with full of devotion the Compassionate Lord Bhairavar's grace and blessings our GURU Thavathiru Bhairava Swamigal will assist you in this process.,

Biography - Thavathiru Bhairava Swamigal

Thavathiru Bhairava Swamigal is a Spiritual Guru, a visionary humanitarian who works tirelessly towards physical, mental and spiritual well being of all. His vision is that everyone to live life with stress free and to live life peacefully.

Early Life He is a graduate. When he was about 8 years old, he made Lord Shivalingam IDOLS,Lord Vinayagar IDOLS, Amman IDOLS out of clay and performs poojas at his neighborhood. At the age of 10 he draws a huge crowd at Amman temple and performed a festival

Every evening after his school and college hours he visits Bhairava Temple at his neighborhood as Lord Bhairava is his FAMILY GOD and performs poojas to the Lord Bhairava. After his graduation he doesn't want to work. His interests diverts to Spiritual path, thereby he started serving the temple and spiritual activities fulltime.

He is now called as 'Thavathiru Bhairava Swamigal' a spiritual Guru since 2012 and formed Sri Bhairava Nilayam. He draws huge crowd on every event he conducts by his unique style of pooja performance.

About Sri Bhairava Nilayam Temple

Sri Bhairava Nilayam - Sri Thiripura Bhairavi Samedha Arulmighu Sri Bhairavanathar temple is Located in - Mummurthy Hills/Mummurthy Malaigal( Three Sacred Mountains)
Mummurthy Malaigal(Three Sacred Mountains) are located in dense forests near Kandhikuppam,Krishnagiri-District.
These 3 Mountains are called 1.Shivagiri Mountain 2.Moosattu Maountain and 3.Bramha Mountain. Shivagiri Mountain denotes for Lord Shiva, adjacent to Shivagiri Mountain, Moosattu Mountain is located which denotes for Sri Venkataramana Swamy(Lord Vishnu), and adjacent to Moosattu Mountain, Bramha Mountain is Located which denotes for Lord Bramha. All these 3 sacred Mountains are united together are seen very rarely India. On the foothills path of these mountains an age old Temples are available such as Sri Veera Raghava Perumal Swamy and Sri Agni Mariamman Temple.

About Main Deity

@ Sri Bhairavanilayam Lord Bhairavar is Consecrated in the form of Lingam as a main Deity and named as Lord Bhairavanathar in association with godess Thiri Pura Bhairavi. img

Lord Sri Ugra Kala Bhairavar @ SBN

@ Sri Bhairavanilayam Lord Sri Ugra Kala Bhairavar is installed in as a seperate temple(சன்னிதி) constructing with full of traditional anncient style rocks facing South and Patahala Bhairavar(பாதாள பைரவர்) also installed in the temple's under ground. Note: Construction is being completed.

About Sri Swarna Bhairavar Madam(Mutt)-ஸ்ரீ சொர்ண பைரவர் திருமடம்

Sri Swarna bhairavar Mutt(சொர்ண பைரவர் மடம்)has been set at Kandhikuppam,Krishnagiri-dist and Lord Swarna Karshna Bhairvar has been consecreated in the MUTT.
Swarna Akarshana Bhairava is the God who can bless you with gold and other material wealth.
The temple is opened all day and every Monday evening at 7PM a special pooja is performed to Lord Swarna Karsna Bhairavar with Bhajans&Chants by 'Thavathiru Bhairava Swamigal.

About Bhairava Swamy - Ashram

Sri bhairava Nilayam is currently functioning as temple come ashram. Since Jun'2020 a new space has been created to set up ashram. The ashram is named as Sri Bhairava Swamy Ashram and located near by Sri bhairavanilayam temple adjacent to Sri Bahairavanilayam Temple facing North direction.
Currently Siruththondar thirukkudil(Hut) சிறுத்தொண்டர் திருக்குடில் has been set in the Ashram and other facilities are under cosntruction.